Alongside their I.T. careers, the ActionAbility directors have also had a long involvement in various aspects of music including playing in bands, organisation of festivals and more recently getting into sound engineering and recording. This background gives them a real insight into the requirements of working musicians when it comes to creating an appropriate presence on the web. Working closely with clients, a website which reflects their personality and contains the elements that fans and booking agents want to see can be created in a short timeframe and at a competitive price.


Our own ceilidh band Four in a Bar and Delta Blues Band are examples of band websites we've created from scratch. Actionability can take on as much or as little as required, from basic design and layout, a makeover of an existing site or a full service which could include the elements listed below :


  • Domain registration and set-up
  • Design of overall site 'look and feel'
  • Logo design and creation of matching dividers and bullets to give a consistent theme
  • On-line guestbook, bulletin board and gig calendar to encourage interaction and return visits
  • Shopping cart with secure payment and animated banner ads for on-line CD sales and other merchandising
  • Downloadable MP3 music samples, sheet music, midi files, images and screensavers
  • Animated effects, background music, video clips, customised cursors and webcams
  • Private 'members only' area for registered subscribers
  • e-mail addresses, mailing lists and mail forwarding
  • Counting and monitoring of visitors and downloads
  • Submission to search engines, indexes and links to appropriate web rings to increase traffic to your site
  • On-going maintenance of the site




4 in a Bar Website link

4 in a Bar Ceilidh band

divider Delta Blues Band Website link

Delta Blues Band


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