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Meet the band

Lynne Cooke, accordion Lynne began learning to play the piano at age 8. First had a go on a friend's piano accordion at 13. She abandoned playing on leaving school and didn't pick it up again until moving to rural Warwickshire. A couple of years later in 1987, the formation of Hereburgh Morris prompted the purchase of a piano accordion and a journey into the world of performance in folk music and dance. Since then she has played for both Morris and social dance with friends in England and California.

Laurel McIntosh, flute Laurel is the most recent member of the band, has been playing for 8 years but only realised her interest in folk 18 months ago, after discovering the laid back atmosphere and easy going attitude of folk music - and the fact that she could actually enjoy playing her flute! She has taken a great interest in the Youth Folk scene, and can often be found wandering at Folk Festivals.

Mike Torbe, keyboards Mike began his musical life playing the piano, got a guitar and went for skiffle and folk music, then through dixieland, modern and trad jazz (in that order), learning the classical guitar, and then double bass in a pub-rock band. He's very happy now playing and writing ceilidh music for the dance.

John McIntosh, bass guitar After playing drums and guitar in various school rock bands, John was introduced to folk music in 1961. He formed his first band Sneak's Noise in 1962 and this continued in various forms until 1987. In 1965, John was asked to join the Heart of England Folk Group, one of the busiest groups in the Midlands and, while with them, recorded three albums with Stan Kelly. John then appeared and recorded regularly with Barry Skinner and Martin Jenkins, playing together acoustically before becoming the basis for the folk-rock band One Day Thomas. John has played double bass with several jazz bands, working regularly with the Magic Rantabout at Coventry's first ceilidh club and, when Dave Roberts left Peeping Tom in 1974, John took over on double bass, changing to electric bass in 1976, and is still a member of the band. John also found time to serve for eleven years as chairman of the West Midlands Folk Federation. In 1981 he joined Quiet Riot with Martin Jenkins and Kevin Dempsey and stayed with them for three years, recording one album with Les Barker.

Dave Shuttleworth, drums
Being tone deaf and unmelodic, the option of hitting things with sticks has always appealed to Dave. Despite being 'tonally challenged', he enjoys all types of music and has played in various rock and covers bands, most recently the Stereotypes. A regular visitor to folk clubs since the mid-70's in Manchester, but he only started playing in folk bands in the last 5 years. Just don't ask him to sing.